Interview: The Evpatoria Report

What are The Evpatoria Report up to these days after releasing the critically acclaimed Golevka? Jonas interviews Daniel to find out what these guys have planned for the new year.
Jonas: Since it is difficult to find any information on the band or band members, would you mind giving me an introduction to who "The Evpatoria Report" really is? How did you come together as a band, how did you begin making the type of music you do, and how do you typically write songs together"

Daniel: The Evpatoria Report formed in January 2002. Personally (24) I'm coming from the classical side (violin & keys), the drummer (27) has a background in funk, the bassist (30) comes from the metal side, and finally the guitarists (27 & 31) are old fashioned rock "roll. The band name comes from the city of Evpatoria in Crimea (Ukraina). There you can find a dish, which sends a message into space that tries to explain the human ADN and physiology (the evpatoria message) to ... whoever may be listening.

Jonas: What do you aim to accomplish with your music? Is there anything that you attempt to convey with the music or something special the band wishes to relate to the listener"

Daniel: Concerning our music, that's a mix between our various influences? We dont' have a singer because we don't have anything special to say, just the music itself. Each listener should find his own personal connection to our music, but, first and foremost, we make music for ourselves. If other people like it, that's great! If they don't, it's not a problem!

Jonas: There are many different languages spoken in Switzerland, and additionally it is located in central Europe. Have these regional influences affected your music"

Daniel: For our personal lives it's possible, but the music transcends the languages. So, I would say not.

Jonas: Is it some kind of social statement that the website is written in french"

Daniel: The Evpatoria Report lives in the French part of Switzerland, so that's why it's written in this language. But we're working hard to translate it into English as well now!

Jonas: Given that the name of your band is actually space-related (the asteroid 6489 Golevka, discovered in the Ukraine town named Evpatoria), I have to ask if the space and the universe at large is something that has helped the band shape its music"

Daniel: You must know that the band members don't have a big imagination for song names! But we choose this name because there is a relashionship beetween the kind of music we create and space. Space isnt"a big passion for us, but it's maybe a good image to project your music onto, who knows"?

Jonas: How does the band see its progression, from the self-titled EP to Golevka and beyond... Where do you want to take your music, or where do you want it to take you"

Daniel: The band always wants to try new things, incorporate new experiences. Golevka was an experience; we are going to try another. We don't want to make five albums with the same sound and ideas, we just want to see other possibilities. The Evpatoria Report is not going to change its game but maybe change the strategy for the next one.

Jonas: How long did it take to write Golevka? Was it a constant work since the self-titled release or did you work on it from time to time"

Daniel: The Evpatoria Report composed some tracks after the EP, and when we thought that it was time to start recording, The Evpatoria Report went into the studio for an album. We always wanted make an album, but we didn't always have enough material to put on it. That's why we first created the EP.

Jonas: What's your current status, new albums in the making? Got any tours planned"

Daniel: The band has recording sessions planned in December 06, January 07 and April 07, and will release a new album by the end of 2007. Maybe an U.S version too? We'll see, we cannot say more for the moment.For touring, we were in Belgium and Germany this fall, but we don't have any big plans at the moment, just to work on and finish the next album.

Jonas: How did you come to play on the instruments that you currently do? Do you use any special equipment when playing/recording?

Daniel: I started playing violin at the age of 5 and music is my professional life. For the others its more of a hobby"When we are recording we try to use a lot of things (vocals, string quintet, electronics and more), but on the stage it's very rock-oriented, with samples and projections. We try to keep things simple and just focus on playing a great show.

Many thanks to Daniel and the Evpatoria Report for the interview.